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Our Services

Assignment Gcc one of the leading educational consulate for writing university and scientific research on high standards of quality.

We are working hard to provide the best education services to be the companion of every student in Arab and foreign universities in all disciplines and scientific branches.

Graduation Projects

Graduation research is one of the most important requirements for graduation.

  • Research Graduation English Literature

  • Graduation Research Business Administration

  • Research graduated comm

  • Research graduated informatics

  • Research Graduation Information Technology

  • Research graduated public relations

  • Research Graduation Psychology

  • Research graduated in law

  • Research graduated in Arabic or English

University research

We have a team specialized in writing university researches in Arabic and English professionally and quality at the level of the largest universities in the Gulf and Middle East Our team has the ability to write any research in all subjects and scientific, which includes the following:

  • Statistics and Analysis

  • Media and Public Relations

  • Computer and Informatics

  • English

  • Arabic

  • Engineering and its branches

  • Business Management

  • Psychology and Philosophy

  • Study and learning skill

  • Law and Law

PowerPoint design

It follows the importance of presenting skills as one of the means used to convey information, to show the work of any student and to convince attendees You may be excellent in your school life, but when you are asked to present the results of your work in a presentation that you cannot view well, you get a bad impression. There are different types of presentations that come in different forms according to working life situations. We from Gulf Assurance team offer you the following types of business presentations:


  • CV design

  • Informative Offers

  • Persuasive presentations

  • Scientific presentations

  • Best selling presentations

  • Media presentations

  • Motivational presentations

scientific researches

We work to assist students in different disciplines by preparing scientific researches to support the student's scientific career and the adoption of different scientific curricula according to specialization and subject of research. Educational, psychological, or even humanitarian, engineering, scientific, etc. and in both Arabic and English at the best quality. Appointment of a specialist with extensive scientific experience according to the specialization to which the student follows and according to the nature of the duty required.

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