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Possibility of refund

Money Back Guarantee


  • Our core values ​​are to help and satisfy students in need. To make this possible our services are offered at the absolute best quality. However, sometimes in a rare case, things may go towards the unexpected situation. For those times, Gulf Ascent has a reaction policy with some specifications. If your issue meets any of the following specifications, you can request a refund.

Late applications - the application was given after the deadline

  • Delivery of articles and assignments is our top priority. We make sure to deliver work to customers on schedule. However, something can happen in the Blue Moon and delivery delays can occur. If you are experiencing a late delivery issue, contact our customer support team and discuss the issue. There is always a real problem with delaying the application, but when the reason is not true, we do not undo the refund.

  • this must be linked to the deadline set during the application.If the deadline is already over, and our custom article is no longer useful, we'll refund the full money or give you as credit.

  • In addition, please be aware that Customers are not allowed to use the task we provided to them after claiming a refund and will be penalized if they find it.

Low-quality search - Search quality is not according to standard requirements


  • The quality of our papers is always of the highest standards, but when they are not, we offer the option of review. You'll need to review the paper and if we don't fix all the errors correctly, you won't be refunded. Otherwise, the claim will be approved provided that any of the following conditions are met.

  • The paper is completely stolen although we check all of our articles through the online plagiarism screening program if you can prove it to us, and the evidence is original, give us an opportunity to review in cases where the deadline does not allow the opportunity to review, we will return the full amount

Paper quality does not meet customer specifications.

  • cations, but in case of a problem in the paper, we ask our customers to take advantage of free review/return options until satisfaction. We offer unlimited free reviews for up to 4 weeks, and if you're reviewing, the refund will no longer be applicable. First, we have a team of expert teachers who work carefully according to the specified specific

  • Customer is not satisfied even after reviews. Our quality assurance department will analyze the paper and determine the correct amount to be recovered. If the paper is already submitted again, the amount is not applicable.

  • In requests where the customer is provided with drafts, it is our responsibility to check the quality and notify us at that moment. The refund will be refunded if the issue notified on the final sheet and overall quality is not fixed. However, if you are not notified of problems from the beginning and are ultimately used for refunds, the refund will not be returned.

Non-delivery - If the customer has not received the completed paper


  • Such a situation rarely occurs, but if the customer is not provided with the completed order at all and the customer support team does not respond for two full business days, the customer can request a full refund * or store credit.

Wrong fees - any technical problem related to payments

  • Sometimes there may be a technical malfunction causing a double or additional deduction for payment from the customer. In case of double or unnecessary additional charges, the customer is advised to immediately inform the customer support team of two receipts so that we can fully refund the additional amount * In most cases, the problem is with the payment company and the customer will be informed that the issue will be resolved with the company to avoid double deduction in the future.

Customer cancellation - Orders can only be canceled within 24 hours

  • If you placed your order earlier and changed your mind later, the order can only be canceled within the next 24 hours of placing the order. If the writer starts working on it, you'll need to follow up with him. In cases of cancellation of the order within the stated time, you can request a full refund or store credits. You can also order any other type of task with the same value immediately.

Failure to obtain the required estimate

  •  we guarantee the quality and not the specific estimate If you aim to get an A mark in your paper and expect us to ensure it, this is not possible. We guarantee to provide you with a high-quality paper with perfect formatting, grammar, and structure, but we certainly cannot guarantee a specific grade because it depends entirely on the overall student performance during the semester/semester.

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