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Principle of Marketing business marketing plan project

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Principle of Marketing business marketing plan project
Principle of Marketing business marketing plan project

Part One: City/State Demographic Information

Pollical and social culture

Dubai is one of the strongest tourist blogger with an area of 4,114 km 2, which is equivalent to approximately 5% of the area of the UAE emirate, number of 2.262 million residents of the Emirate as the largest census in the UAE Federation of whom 214,000 citizens and the rest of the foreigners, equivalent to 9.5% of the total population. Dubai Emirate challenge ABU DUBAI both in the West and the Emirate of SHARJAH in the east, and is considered the economic capital of the United Arab Emirates, has evolved considerably over the past years. Free and active in the emirate's economy and the lack of a tax system played a major role in attracting investors from all over the world, And characterized by the emirate of Dubai that the economic income does not depend on oil revenues mainly as Dubai's economy depends on trade, real estate, financial services and also on tourism.

United Arab Emirates Labor

Ø Technological

Dubai characterize the existence of transportation network ground huge represented in the highways, which is one of the widest roads in the world, and also between Dubai parts network bridges and tunnels included and outdoor on the banks of the creek was built according to the latest international standards, in addition to a huge fleet of advanced bus and taxi. The most important streets in Dubai: Union Street - Sheikh Zayed Road.

2009 Dubai opened the first phase of the largest airport in the world and is part of an integrated project which is ((Dubai World Central)), as well as Dubai has the largest airline in the world, Emirates, in addition to the economic fly Dubai company

The opening of the first metro network in the Emirate of Dubai 9/9/2009 and relied on more than 50 stations and is the first of its kind in the region, including the first two tracks of the Red Line, the Green Line and the second Dubai Metro is the longest automatic metro in the world, and works without a driver, a friend of the environment where it is fully electric

In the past few years has been to add the latest methods of maritime transport in Dubai has been the launch of the water bus and is currently launching the Water Taxi and Ferry Dubai.

Ø Culture

National dress for men in the United Arab Emirates is composed of Arab ((khandura)) that characterize the Emirati man for the rest of the men of the Gulf that long dress white, ((Ghutra)) used to cover the head and ((sensible black)), made of wool, many different culture there at the grassroots level, such as the food what is known as the popular food, and on the level sport a club Al Wasl of the United Arab Emirates. Located in the Emirate of Dubai, in Zabeel area. Al Wasl is the owner of the largest fan base in the United Arab Emirates, also has a history full of trophies and the standard terms, such as football, basketball and boxing.

Ø Ecological

Dubai is characterized by a very hot climate. Summer in Dubai is extremely hot, and the wind is saturated with moisture, with average high temperatures during the day to 40 degrees (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and landing at night to about 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Most sunny days throughout the year. Winter warm with average temperatures 24 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. However, it has been increasing in the last few decades of accumulated rainfall up to 150 mm (5.91 inches) per year.

Ø Economic

Dubai one of the biggest growth area economies in 2011 Dubai hit all expectations display wall on the economy recorded an acceptable growth, led by the real sectors of the economy free of speculation, where this growth led both tourism and business sector and manufacturing industry Aluminium and foreign trade sector, Reports and statistics confirm the robustness of the economy Dubai World and its position in terms of what many of the major international companies still prefer to work in Dubai and the movement headquarters seen as a safe haven and the strength of economic tough, famous Dubai with the Dubai Shopping Festival, which is held every year Dubai and includes a lot of shopping centres and tourist facilities, according to the data of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, the total number of Arab tourists amounted to Dubai 3.2 million guests, of whom 1.5 million guest of the Arab Gulf states, while guests Asians number reached from the Far East and South Asia, 2.1 million, and Europe's 2.3 million, and the area of Russia and the Baltic 510 thousand, and the Americas 622 alpha, and Australia and the Pacific region 222 thousand inmates.

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AUE pestle analysis

Pollical and social culture

It’s very important for you for any business to make and understand the analysis of the pollical and culture factors. However, since the main project is covering the AUE university and will be within this the cultures of it. Here some of the analysis regarding this pollical and social aspects. AUE has any open-door policy its support the new technology and innovation in general. All the manager, instructors, employees, students are willing to make and adopt with any change that can be improving the education quality.


There are many features and elements that can be support the Flipped classroom in AUE from the technological aspect. All the necessary IT devices are ready and from the top of the new technology. Since AUE is one of the new and modern university so there is considered as good advantage.


AUE is have a good number of students each new semester so this is referring to the income of the profit is showing good. However, from the money and budget of the university part their e is no any issue. AUE financial centre can cover all the expense of the projects needed.


AUE has as very good environmental student life during the campus. There is a beautiful and amazing environment which is support the student for education. All if the infrastructure of the university is modern and built in with very luxury and expense building elements.

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