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Obesity problem and Biological influence, Psychological influence, Social-cultural influences

Obesity problem
Obesity problem


It is not hidden that philosophy is divided into three major disciplines: the study of knowledge, the study of ontology and the study of values. Each of these megahit poses a number of concepts and problems. Among these are the concepts presented by the subject of values, we follow the concept of "happiness". What is the meaning of this concept?

People differ in their representation of happiness, some of them see happiness in health, and some see them in the money, and some of them see in the friendship, and some of them see in peace of mind, and some of them see the full satisfaction of desires, and the enjoyment of various forms ... The bug in different people In their representation of happiness is the side of the deficiency suffered by every human being, the poor sees happiness in money, and the patient sees happiness in health, and single sees happiness in marriage and so on ...

Attention is drawn to people's representations of happiness, which are dominated by the physical side that is associated with what is pleasing to the senses.

About happiness

The word Happiness is among the words that individuals differ about; some of them consider it to be a wellspring of joy, rest, cash, office, notoriety, and so on., such a large number of individuals experience their lives in various courses looking for joy. On the off chance that you feel self-satisfied, relaxing, cheerful, and upbeat, individuals' perspectives contrast from each other to their own particular advantages, interests, desires and even their groups. "The best thing for people is to carry on with a decent life in a decent society, and every one of its individuals feel prosperous, that is, joy," he says, citing Aristotle. "Satisfaction is a word, Of the first Greek dialect (eudaimonia), used to depict a decent life, and this is proficient by living admirably and functioning admirably after some time. "

Bliss is broadly perceived as an "incessant affair of positive feelings" (Lyubomirsky, Sheldon, and Schkade, 2005). The word satisfaction has showed up in the writing with various names, enduring joy, positive effect, or self-bliss. In this examination we will utilize the term authoritative bliss that happens in the work environment as it is the concentration of the investigation where the work environment "Work environment" assume an essential part in the joy of individuals, on the grounds that if there is any desire for individuals to discover satisfaction in their day by day lives, they should discover Happiness in the working environment. Despite the fact that the work itself, can not fulfill the individual, but rather the individual can not be truly cheerful on the off chance that he is miserable at work. Accordingly, reassuring the mental bliss of pioneers and representatives is great in itself, and is additionally a decent approach to upgrade individual and authoritative execution.

Peyton and Patrica, 2008, p. 28) calls attention to that glad individuals will probably profit by circumstances in their workplaces and in addition are more useful to their associates at work and more certain and hopeful. Also, shows that troubled individuals are less performing than glad individuals.

In light of studies directed by Baker et al., 2006 (Del Junco et al., 2014, p. 6), they call attention to that upbeat associations appreciate the accompanying:

1. Workers are more inventive and ready to roll out positive improvement.

2. Guide their staff to do (decently well) and not simply take care of issues.

3. Empowering collaboration and positive vision.

4. Pioneers work to make a workplace that encourages collaboration inside the association.

About hope

Bliss is simply the full fulfillment of the being of good. The contrast amongst them and delight is that joy is a unique condition for the individual, and that the fulfillment of the self is finished. It is a state of joy that every one of the inclinations of the spirit are tasteful, and that their fulfillment with the great and enduring great that they have accomplished. While "delight" is a typical condition amongst man and creature, and that smugness is impermanent.

On the off chance that joy is a condition of fulfillment, fulfillment and fulfillment of the wants of an enduring, when it is called to the level of profound fulfillment and the finesse of reflection and thought, moved toward becoming happiness. What's more, if this is the most noteworthy and generally sturdy.

What's more, savants in the reality of bliss diverse perspectives: Some of them say that joy is to take after the uprightness (Plato), and some say that they appreciate the delights of the tactile school (Alqorainip), Aristotle it joins the most elevated great and joy, and makes joy a fundamental condition for satisfaction isn't adequate condition . Epicur, who viewed joy as a definitive objective of life,

Individuals and rationalists alike vary in their portrayal of joy. The shared factor of joy is overwhelmed by the material implying that considers satisfaction to be a type of physical joy. The logicians additionally contrast in their portrayal of satisfaction, some of them find in connection to excellence and mental reflection, including the (scholars of Islam) who endeavored to accommodate mental contemplation and what is religious, ie, the joy of others, and there are the individuals who trust that every one of these portrayals are sexy and incomplete, When we discuss the idea of joy, we require "supreme". There are rationalists who think of them as an individual and some of them consider that joy is just inside a state. Others say that it is difficult to demonstrate that joy exists and that we should work to gather it. It is an activity.Even with this assortment in the portrayal of joy we find that there must be a few issues:

* Is joy conceivable?

Q: Can we demonstrate its reality?

positive concept of happiness

As a natural-social being, man has had to enter moral values ​​in order to be free from instinctive motives and the potential for violence towards others. In addition to the natural and social duality that forms the reality of man, there is a second duality whose moral existence is a double obligation and commitment, a moral obligation imposed by the values ​​of society, and a moral obligation deriving its principles from human consciousness.

From within the dialectic of commitment and commitment, man aspires to create a balance to attain happiness as the ultimate goal of the human act directed towards the embodiment of individual and collective moral values, and to define the duties that each individual must perform both towards himself and towards others. Humanism intertwined with the duty of self-gratification with the duty of delighting others, which motivates us to ask the following questions:

What is the relationship between happiness and duty, is it a relationship of integration or disability relationship?

In other words, is the basis of happiness in doing what we want, or in obedience to duty and law, natural or moral?

If there is a relationship between happiness and duty, is happiness a duty to oneself or to others, or both?

In conclusion, how can happiness be achieved in accordance with the concepts of duty and others and will?

How to be happy

how to increase the happiness in your life by improving your internal dialog. But first I want to ask you, do you believe in luck? Do you think that there are people out there who are lucky or who are unlucky? Are you one of either of those types? And what do you think causes some people to be lucky? Are they just born like that or do they somehow make their own luck? In which case, is it really luck at all or something else? My personal belief is that we all get dealt good and bad cards by life.

And certainly, there are some rare cards that are very big and which affect our lives massively, like what type of family we're born into. And then there are fatal or debilitating illness and accidents happening either to us or to those close to us, and that is luck. But leaving aside these big cards, which are rare, the vast majority of cards that are dealt to us by life are small good and bad ones, and these average out. It's then more of a question of how we react to them.

If your body language is positive as you walk to the bathroom, you'll fool your subconscious a bit more. There's no catch to this, it works and it's free, so please do try it. It really is all in the mind, and we know that because if you're getting up at 5AM to drive to the airport to go on your holidays, you feel great, don't you? You're wide awake straight away, and you're feeling good. So the potential to do this every day is already within you.

By the way, you have to believe what you're saying. If you groan the words "I feel great, I love getting up early," then you won't fool anyone, let alone yourself, so it has to be convincing. You have to fake it 'till you make it. I think the quickest way that you can change your mood for the better, and it's free as well, is to put on some great music. Don't underestimate the power of music. From the moment you get up, put on some rousing or lively music.

Maybe The B-52's' Love Shack, or Do Your Thing by Basement. I use my phone when I'm travelling for work and staying in hotels, sometimes quite depressing ones, and on my phone, I only have cheerful music. So when I get up, I just put it on shuffle, and everything it chooses will do the trick. If you've got up to Badlands by Bruce Springsteen, you're ready for anything. This is a bit of a sacrifice because most of the music I really love is quite depressing


1-There is a causal connection between great initiative and authoritative joy in the working environment and hierarchical yields. Any change in the level of good initiative will frequently mirror an expansion in the level of authoritative joy. This constructive outcome of hierarchical bliss will energize workers and urge them to expand the authoritative yields of the college. .

2. The consequences of the measurable examination uncovered an arrangement of reasonable conclusions as takes after:

A-There is a noteworthy relationship between's great administration and authoritative bliss.

(B) There is a noteworthy relationship between's authoritative bliss and hierarchical results.

C-There is a noteworthy impact between great initiative and authoritative bliss.

(D) There is a noteworthy impact between hierarchical joy and authoritative results.

3 - It creates the impression that the administration of the college examine ready to utilize great authority hones in its work to reinforce the authoritative yields, the consequences of the investigation demonstrated that the universities that are progressively educating the level of hierarchical bliss, this is reflected emphatically in enhancing the level of authoritative yield.

4 - Follow the pioneers at the college to explore the activity of good initiative will decrease the level of negative passionate effect of the laborers test inquire about, and lessen the instances of tension and wretchedness and hatred, and thus enhance the strength of subordinates mental, and their feeling of joy and a condition of quiet and peacefulness.


1 - The significance of regulatory pioneers at the University of Babylon to the great authority rehearses, which have a noteworthy part in the hierarchical yields and to achieve positive change inside the individual and the association and society all in all.

2. It is basic that the authoritative pioneers at the University of Babylon concentrate on the limitations and determinants that counteract hierarchical satisfaction in the working environment, thoughtfulness regarding the prosperity of specialists and the making of a fitting situation since they contribute altogether to accomplishing high authoritative results.

3 - It is important to demonstrate the regulatory pioneers at the University of Babylon, a more prominent and proceeding with enthusiasm for lessening and missing the negative passionate effect, and concentrate on positive enthusiastic effect, and the accomplishment of agreeable work, to increment or keep up the level of authoritative joy in the working environment.

4 - The enthusiasm of authoritative pioneers at the University of Babylon and positive practices that prompt an expansion in hierarchical yields (execution, authoritative citizenship conduct, authoritative responsibility) and far from negative practices that diminish those authoritative yields.

5 - The authoritative pioneers at the University of Babylon ought to build up their capacities, capacities and information of formative projects for the initiative and the ethical practices spoke to by otherworldly expectations and positive assimilation in the work and administration to society.

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