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Have a mobile phone with a student in school or college

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Have mobile phone with student in school or college
Have mobile phone with student in school or college

Autism and isolation in explaining the lesson, sending messages, receiving them, exchanging information, clapping, joking among students, through mobile phones in class, exchanging messages and Bluetooth clips, spreading cheating in exams, Without the knowledge of others, warned by educators and lawyers, and parents, because they believe that disrupt the educational process in the classroom, and confusion on the teacher, and the rest of the students during the process of teaching, and bringing phones broke the hearts of some students who are unable to possess sophisticated models and expensive Which led to negative results, and explained that the use of mobile phones within schools is a more deadly weapon of firearm, because of the legal questions.

The use of the mobile phone in schools by students and teachers has become a phenomenon that must be limited, and the presence of the phone with the student, during the school day is more deadly than possession of firearm, because he does not know the consequences of the publication of video or clip or image, The law criminalized the electronic crime law, noting that the law has given a realistic color to the e-mails circulating in social networking sites, and websites in general by stipulating that the electronic message should not lose its legal effect or its enforceability simply because it came in electronic form, Impact This is considered as a physical document that was printed and distributed even if this message was limited to sending to one person, even in good faith. If any of the acts were committed in violation of the legislation governing the use of these means, Electronic crime, as defined is any form of illegal behavior, committed using the Internet or IT means. Our students are aware of the danger of using the mobile phone with wrong images that harm them and expose them to legal accountability, and parents are the biggest burden, and then the departments of schools and relevant parties to reduce that phenomenon, indicating that there are a lot of messages and video clips poured in prison, That he is a student or minor, and turned him from a person who may not dare to do any act contrary to the regime in the real world to a convicted convict of libel, slander or other crimes, the legislator of the UAE, through these legislation to spread security even in the virtual world.

having a phone with the student during the school day is one of the dangerous drawbacks, which reduces the student's achievement and thus disrupts the educational process in the classroom. The classroom or outside without the knowledge of the teacher, which confuses the educational process as a whole, indicating that there are a lot of problems, which may get because of the mobile by some students, such as filming the situation occurs inside the campus, which causes confusion in the event of leakage that section, And negatively affects the student himself who has published the Clip on the person who committed the act. The phenomenon of the use of mobile phones is high among high school students. The school administration, in accordance with the instructions of the educational district in Umm al-Qaiwain not to take students to the phones, has set up a box to put the phones in it and then handed them to the students at the end of the school day. The school administration takes action in case the student brings the phone the first time by taking a pledge from the guardian not to repeat, indicating that the student considered the phone really deserved him, and that it must be brought to benefit from the educational process, and gradually, With a little slap And the cooperation of parents can get rid of this problem completely.

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