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Human Capital Management

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Human Capital Management
Human Capital Management


This paper is discussing the cons and pros of project management how to manage the human capital management. Interest in human capital is a standout amongst the most essential variables influencing the monetary development in various nations of the world in various frameworks and attributes of their economies, so it is important to deal with the advancement of HR in the best and most valuable way, and this is accomplished by focusing on the human component by spending it to expand its ability And make it comparable to current advances, so the

Speculation consumption distributed for information obtaining instruction and hand preparing Chiefly adding to raising financial development rates. HRD developed from a conventional administrative capacity to wind up a fundamental key part of organizations around the globe. Like the work environment, HR proceed to advance, and aptitudes are required to change, while ability has turned out to be a standout amongst the most critical in the information economy. The test is to locate the correct ability and stay with it in the.

Any new individual in the field of work force administration or wish to reestablish his abilities in the improvement of HR administration when all is said in done may profit by this code, for instance: new alumni, HR masters, training and advancement pros,


The quality, productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and image of the company depend to a large extent on the training, coordination and motivation of its employees. In order for the organization to work properly, it requires people to know, be prepared and be able to work properly.

The inefficiency of staff management can lead to countless problems that hinder the organization's performance.

· Lack of motivation

· Undefined responsibilities

· Lack of training / information

· Lack of internal communication

· Non-cooperation

· Lack of coordination

· Conflicts of interest.

This paper provides a summary of some of the methodologies Business Solutions, which uses SL in its strategic services to solve these problems.

Any initiative for change must develop the necessary guidance and leadership with a commitment to continuity. Changing and creating unsatisfactory expectations can cause frustration and misfortune. The implementation should be done professionally and after the correct diagnosis to determine the appropriate tools for each case

Human capital management requirements


Leadership can be defined as an individual's ability to develop the team's potential in pursuit of a common interest.

There are different methods of authoritarian leadership, participatory, consultative each style may be appropriate to the context and characteristics of employees. The source of leadership may be charisma, hierarchical power, and the power of knowledge or behavior.

Through education and training, people who are responsible for others can develop an exemplary leadership style. The leader does not lead or impose, but seeks to reconcile opinions and not division, but unification.

For example, in food companies, problems are identified by developing an authoritarian leadership style that explains and explains leadership styles in the driving cycle. Where participants can assess your leadership style by completing the questionnaire. In addition, each participant learns to assess the pros and cons of each pattern and to know how to best manage the leadership in each circumstance.


Guidance is practical where directing someone to teach someone else and offering advice and guidance in professional personal development. It is a traditional care that is currently used primarily in senior positions in organizations. The guidance should not be impromptu and requires goals, planning and monitoring results.

Although there are similarities between orientation and training, guidance differs from training, guidance requires that you have experience in the field you are doing, while training does not require experience in the field.

Technical progress accelerates when the labor force is better educated, so the accumulation of human capital helps in technological progress and is a source of permanent growth.

With technological advances that reduce the value of jobs that do not require high skills but need to know

Therefore, there is a permanent agreement that the challenges of the present age require constant human capital, both individually and at the community level.

Facts & Findings

When to start using the concept of human capital:

The concept of human capital has been used since the early 1960s. This is confirmed by the Schultz writings of 1961 and Becker's writings in 1964 and there are those who refer to its beginnings in the eighteenth century by Adam Smith, where this concept was introduced to the market and business organizations as a way of attracting attention towards Contribution of work to the performance of organizations.

Definition of human capital:

1. The Arab Human Development Report identifies human capital as the "relatively solid core of knowledge capital"

2. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) defines it as "maximizing the productivity of labor and staff through knowledge skills through the knowledge skills they gain through science and experience."

3. Experience applications, organizational technology, customer relations and professional skills that give the organization a competitive advantage.

4. Knowledge that can be converted into profits

5. The sum of everything that everyone in the organization knows and achieves competitive advantage in the market.

Second - the importance of human capital.

The human component is one of the most important productive elements that can contribute to development, but this component will not play a role without education as education contributes to the accumulation of human capital.

Economic growth theories suggest that technical progress increases long-term economic growth.

Estimating rate of profitability in human capital:

There are various speculations that measure the arrival on interest in human capital:

 Investment hypothesis as learning expands efficiency.

 The hypothesis of minor profitability where the business augments his benefit in deciding the interest in work.

 The perspective of work, where the laborer amplifies his gain from putting resources into human capital or relaxation hours.

The fundamental strides to ascertain the arrival on interest in human capital:

We will audit the most vital focuses that must be worked out:

 Planning for assessment.

 Data gathering.

 Exclude the impacts of the HR program.

 Convert information to monetary qualities.

 Scheduling the expenses of HR programs.

 Calculation of rate of return.

To outline, the estimation of rate of profitability in human capital is as per the following:

The expense to-income proportion is the aftereffect of partitioning the advantages and advantages of HR over the expense of the HR program.

The level of profit for ventures is estimated by the advantages of the HR program partitioned by the expense of the HR program duplicated by one hundred.

 If the advantages result 1 and the program cost result 1, the expense is equivalent to the advantages.


the created nations, says Lazlo Bock, chief of HR at Google, it keeps up this measure of developments, by keeping up its staff and spare space For them to imagination unbounded. .

"Each organization must figure out how to manage its representatives to expand their innovativeness, while in the meantime it must not stick to the conventional techniques for overseeing workers and organizations.

Taking everything into account, as indicated by the report issued by Global 500 issued by Brand Finance, Google positioned first as the biggest brand with market esteem evaluated at 109 billion US dollars.

It was not conceived existing apart from everything else on the off chance that we learned of Google's enthusiasm for its representatives and the consideration it gives them.

After all the abovementioned, we will discover the reason to decrease costs by lessening the quantity of workers as the initial steps to confront any emergency in the low benefits of our organizations and not to think about preparing and instruction and make an appealing situation for representatives.

there are numerous speculations that examine human capital

Schultz's idea of putting resources into human capital has made a noteworthy commitment to the economy, taking note of that the abilities and information of the individual ought to be viewed as a type of capital. Schultz's idea depends on three fundamental suspicions:

A. Financial development, which can be clarified by an expansion in material sources of info, is for the most part because of the expansion in the collected supply of human capital.

B-Differences in incomes can be clarified by contrasts in the measure of human capital put resources into people.

C. Equity in salary can be accomplished by expanding the proportion of human funding to customary capital.

Schultz concentrated on the procedure of instruction as a speculation important for the improvement of HR and it was a type of capital and training was then called the name of human capital.

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