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Multinational university study Higher Education

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This assignment provides the overview of higher education and the right career path. There are universities and colleges that have setup the departments for student career counselling and student placements for further studies after the completion of secondary education. It may not be necessary that the higher education should be in the same career but it is important to have the higher education in the right career for professional development and sustainability. Keeping the job market and higher education jobs in mind, it is a tough completion to qualify for the right job with right education and experience. In addition, that do we need to know what the right career choice before starting our higher education. Nowadays, market has many competitors people have no idea where to go and study, in edition many cities around the world trying to developing their countries as much as they can.

However, I am going through this project to talk about the education between Dubai and New York, Riyadh there are different criteria that can be used in order to find the difference between those three countries

This is the following factors that I will clarify about them:

1-education cost




In my project, I am going to provide details analysis using the six tools in fact those tools are very important to make a full analysis about the market and how the competitors act to be super against each other's.

In addition to this point, the project show the advantage that each city provide to the community that it belong to it concerning the education part, however can be other factors that can be related to education , because if the country provide a good education it must has a foundational infrastructure. Each city has its own tools and technique that help to be on the top of the ranking standards.

To add more value to this research I am going to explain about concept of strategic management and mechanisms, importance and supplies of the applicable scientific and practical steps to be followed in business organizations organization strategies and knowledge of the changes between them

Many steps involved in the general industrial business organizations in the management strategies, especially for the three cities that we are going to make this analysis about them

However if we want to make a compassion between two or, more countries, we make consider the other factors

That will come as result of the main information.

At the end of the project, we close with much point with recommendations to Dubai, also how we will find this analysis went.


To begin with, let talk about the market and the competitions and about the tools that many competitors used them to make a storing to won however, the task of formulating the product marketing strategy is a task that managers can do through the application of creative ideas or aptitude and rational.

However, must stem the drafting of the plan to be followed directly from the examination of the work environment of foreign company, it is the most important thoughts to be conscious of is the competitive conditions and Industrial addition to the company's modest potential. The point is many company operates in a work setting is made up of the same company and the competition - and buyers and suppliers.

In addition to the total setting and what it contains of legislation, laws and skill and despite the fact that many of these forces outside and beyond the area of ​​effect of the company.

In the other world, we can see that, the company departments obligation to monitor closely these forces, air product strategy build on, whenever it is required. Without a full understanding of aware and strategic aspects of the work environment that the company is domestic and foreign alike. Will always be the more likely the creation of managers for planned plans, does not fit does not agree to the situation, as that of the business, and so this will affect the existence of the crops in the long period.

Here we start it explain more about the Five competitive forces of Porter is that the logical framework utilized in the analysis of business and markets. This could be used as a framework for analysis of the competitive consecrations and mutual association with the market. This tool likens the work environs or the inner work surroundings with the external environs on a broader scope.

Competitive situations vary greatly in their financial characteristics and the characteristics of the competitive location and the prospects for future profits. Here is the strong example: it can be a slight resemblance between the competitive environment of the motorized industry and the competitive environment for the manufacture of education aspect.

However, all industries can use a range of tools and techniques that will help them analyze the competitive environment.

The Threat of Substitutes

The main idea of competitive environment of the any company differ significantly in their construction and the nature and arrangement major, consequently competitive and industry analysis usually starts throwing an overview of the key economic features in the industry as a whole.

Since we are talking about the education and compering many cities around the world, here is the where the threat come in the middle of new feature or service that can be as substitutes so in this point the city will be different from another cities that provides the same services or features.

However, the factors that the company should think about when seeing the competitive environment for the company attributes, o size of the market, which is considered as important factor.

However, the main idea of t the threat of substitutes Attendance of alternative products outside the product's competitive year upsurges of consumer goods replacements tendencies to gage.

Exodus of buyers to alternative goods. Therefore, we find that the education UAE are not consider under this part but may in USA they care about this point.

If we are talking about the education in the Middle East may some of the universities they doing care about the this point as I mentioned in the first paragraph but the idea is the education is not similar to the product because here we are talking about the service it can be a The threat of substitutes.

The Threat of Entry of New Competitors

Entry of new competitors has many factor that must be considered as an important and essential factors,

Some of those factors is the number of competitors in the market and the relative reluctance If three is new industry are dispersed among a large amount of mother concentrated and skilful by a large number of giant company's huge corporations. However, under the education purpose the people who car going to developing and building new universities and private school must take care about this point.

There are some others factors:

The number of customers and the relative reluctance

Types of distribution channels used to reach customers

Technological change in the production process or to introduce new products

Different competitors' products and services, large or small degree, or compatibility with the companies that are subject to analysis and services

The extent of the presence of the key participants in the industry in a specific geographic location

For this opinion there are commentaries first every county try to increase its quality and its rate between the countries we should consider the both countries UAE and USA care about their competitors, but May in UAE they consider this part more because May University are looking for profit not a public education

For the Riyadh, it can be similar to the USA because most of the university there are public so people they study free the tuition fees are not much costly as in Dubai. However, the city that has a new developing and improving the new investment go to this particular city

Competition from Rivals Unit

In most industries the competition back from the main cause of the ability of adversaries competitive company in the industry and the area in which competitors compete aggressively and sometimes competitors to compete in non-price competition in areas such as innovation, marketing and other fields. The university in UAE care more about this point because as said that as much as they work and maintain rate those universities will be very high in the top.

Riyadh does not care about this point as much as Dubai because I mention at the beginning of the project the Riyadh does not has many competitors in USK most of the univeirty are public institutions.

The Bargaining Power of Customers

Environmental attributes of competitiveness is very important because of their impact on the preparation of the strategy. For example, in businesses characterized by the centrality of the capital could cause monetary asset that is in one factory in the run millions of dollars, and maybe enable the business to fixed financial assets create more revenue for every dollar invested in fixed assets.

What is also selling and the ability to market products known? The customer's ability to put the company underweight also affects what customers sensitive to changes in prices.

The proportion of buyers to the company.

The degree of dependence on distribution channels.

The extent of the influence of bargaining, especially in industries that have high fixed costs there.

In our care the educational purpose, some of the university the make a deal with different university even they are from different location or geographic area. As example of the university In Dubai under education purpose, they sign a contract with other university in UAS that make a partnership as the open new branches.

The Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Each industry trends and new developments and differentiated cause quickly or slowly in making the task of the changes. However, which requires a strategy of the businesses involved in response, and help in this common theory for industries involved in the life cycles in clarifying the industry change joining, however. there are many other reasons for the change the competitive environment and the structure of this concept is illustrated where the industry dynamics are changing because of the strong moves that create inducements or pressures causing change.

Alternatively, what is sometimes described as the ability to selling market inputs? Suppliers of raw materials, components, labor, and services (such as expert) for the company could pose a strong source of pressure on the company may refuse to work with the company, or, for example, imposing exorbitant prices for resources and special.

Among the most important factors that affect the intensity of competition between existing companies currently:

· competition rises with the number of competitors with parity of size and skill

· increasing competition when the cost of broadcast customers and turns them into a brand new low

· Increasing competition when the cost out of the much higher cost of survival and holding in the industry.

Some of the universities work with other group as sponsored to make a collaboration

For example, AUE cooperate with university for the relationship between them.

Competitive profit matrix (CPM)

What is a Competitive profit matrix (CPM)?

In order to raised understand the external surroundings and therefore the competition in an exceedingly explicit business, companies usually use CPM. The matrix identifies a firm’s key competitors and compares them mistreatment industry’s important success factors. The analysis additionally reveals company’s relative strengths and weaknesses against its competitors, therefore an organization would apprehend, that areas it ought to improve and, that areas to safeguard. Associate in nursing example of a matrix is incontestable below.





We note that, as a result from the consequence we found that score in NEW YORK, more than the score of the DUBAI that means this is a different between those two countries under the higher education.

However, in some point that DUBAI reach more point for example May there is more flexibility in

Timing education in DUBAI more than NEW YORK but overall NEW YORK has more rate.

The table shows us that NEW YORK has the biggest score which is around 6.6 that mean there is new ability of student to shows NEW YOURK as a good place to complete the higher education that means the new feature or the different factors that are existing in new York are more get attraction for people that because the strategy NEW YOURK on it. But we are not saying that the Dubai and Riyadh are not a good place to study but the idea is the new factor that have a high rate according to our study is showing this result .

To sum up with the Competitive profit matrix, the manager or leader to any firm they use the Competitive profit matrix to find and Comparison... about their features that they provide to the community that they belong to with the their competitors, in this example with Comparison. The education in different three city with different factors that show a different results.

📷literature review

Successful of management of any an organization which has a sincere desire to work to reach success

And continuous development over the years of its life, and in the light of the internals and externals environment. This changes that may happen and which may pose a danger or have opportunities, where the organization is working on it and Take advantage of the dynamisms and resources available to them to seize the opportunities and threats to control.

So the ongoing work and look to the upcoming and proper preparation in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the group. But no doubt that qualified managers are the ones who put the planned objectives of their organization So users different approaches and sources of forte that enables them to put persons goals, where , They are preparation, setting goals and commercial coordination and leadership and mistake on application to attain it. Goals either tactical or strategic goals.

We notice that topic of the management of human capitals of the newest topics that captured the attention of a ration of and authorities in the field of business management and reflects that the fact that the component great importance, as it is one of the most important factors of production in the organization.

Under the changes and alterations saw by the world, in various aspects of contemporary life, are suffering a lot of creative organizations, and economic surplus or deficit at times of human resources issues in the various areas of work, while grouchy about specific sections or units in these governments to increase the number persons from the actual need, we find other departments or sections suffer from the pressure of work and not a position to achieve its objectives for the lack of human resources.

This is Which led to augmented interest in human resources in modern organizations and its integration into strategic management after that this interest was confined to a small number of authorities who work in a particular regulatory division called people organization section.

The request of strategic management methodology requires an integrated strategic structure includes the next keys basics:

1- A clear mechanism for setting goals and wanted results and follow-up attained and edit them in the bright of the interior and outside variables.

2- Supple mechanism to prepare and activate the policies, that leader and went to work in various fields, and provide bases for authority and decision-making, and ensure a state of harmony between decision-makers in all sectors of prearranged assembly.

3- Structural structure is characterized by simplicity, effectiveness and compatibility with appropriate in the organization, explains the basic roles, tasks, and paints a controlling relations in the light of processes movements and their communication.

4- Structures and working procedures to guide presentation in the various events that are lithe, real and results-oriented.

5- Persons carefully selected, have the makings and capabilities suitable for the types of work, ready to accept the change of any of the most important makings it, qualities suppleness well-defined and powers, and are dispersed among individuals in amount to their responsibilities with clarity of answerability standards and presentation evaluation and prize and sentence.

6- Systems and procedures and criteria for decision-making equal problems and evolve with the altering settings.

For this strategic model which the instinctive strategy model we are going to explain about three different kind of the market sub-strategy under the instinctive strategy however.

How every the competition between organizations: The borrowed fever competition between the institutions make it looking for new outlets to improve their capabilities and to impose its presence in world markets, and so emerged the desire to incorporate the means of training in order to maintain the vitality of the property and develop the capacity and efficiency of the staff, for example, behavioral training.

- Employee involvement in the decision: The changing perception of the worker from being an outlet for decisions to become a shareholder, makes it feel more belonging administrative organization and bear the responsibility to make it a more dedicated and satisfied at work, which improves decision-making within the organization and methods of message methods within them.

that there are 15 reasons arising out of internal or external contribute to bring about change, The most important internal forces:

- Change in the objectives of the organization and its mission and objectives.

- Input devices and new equipment.

- The scarcity of manpower.

Here we are discussing about the first part of the intensive strategy with is the market penetration what is means and how it work, how can the cities use this method in order to make a competitive advantage between them.

1-Market Penetration. The smallest amount risky growth strategy for any business is to easily sell a lot of its current product to its current customers—a strategy formed by giant goods corporations.

This is which is related to the industry part but what about the education part which is our topic to this project, the idea is there is now difference between the industry and the services part because the education its considered as the services that is provide by diffreanacet universities and institutes.

For example let say that Dubai has decrease the tuitions fees to all the universities which is belonging to it so from this point or step most of the people will go to study in Dubai, after a period of time Dubai will increase the price that means it get will costumers and then get rid of all the competitors abound it.

Market Development

Now, let talk a little bit about the market development and does it means to the incentive strategy, there are main factors that must be done in order to make a new strategy that develop the market some of them:

1- Achieving profit and growth: This is a fundamental goal episode in the goals of the

Education in general to any university, whether it in the domestic or international market, allowing it to enlarge

Internationally finished the opening of new branches, as well as work in more than one marketplace may offset

Education institutes loss that suffered by and resulting from work in one market.

-2 exploit the productive capacity: the high capabilities of the level of the education that means more management of financial And administrative and technical, making it better able to work in the international environment and more efficient in exploiting Resources up to the business to raise the modest level by providing lower cost merchandises.

-3 Extension in the life cycle of goods and services: for example the education must be that follow the rapid development strategy.

The marketplace has helped many of its facilities and properties as is well known that the products pass several stages of It is a life-cycle outline, growth, maturity and reversion at a time when it develops old Item

In a particular market, the Company to work on finding new markets for them to gain a new life cycle to the market.

According to our to topic which is about the education first we found that the reputation of the New York under education is more than in Dubai and Riyadh , as example Riyadh must develop new strategy to get more feature and reputation in order to get into the market with a high level of reputation.

To sum up with this point, Market Development which is related to the industry, Succeeding rung up the ladder is to plan the simplest way to sell a lot of your current product to AN adjacent market—offering your product or service to customers in another town or state, as an example. Several of the good invasive corporations of the past few decades relied on Market Development as their main growth strategy.

3. Product Development

This is the last sub-strategy which is the product development a good definition of this part a classic strategy, it involves developing new merchandise to sell to your existing customers furthermore on new ones. If you have a selection, you would ideally wish to sell your new merchandise to existing customers. The marketing strategy is mainly to develop a marketing plan, and represents a complementary element the company's strategy, which is based on the identification of customers, How to attract existing and new customers and recognize the competitors in the markets in order to achieve their goals.

1-defined marketing strategy of product development:

Marketing strategy include defining the company's message and analyze the environment and competition, and analyze the situation and determine the objectives and goals and Strategies and identify products and markets, distribution and implementation of the strategy. And you know the strategy as:

The means through which the company is working to achieve its goals and mission, any access to the endings related to the company's message and its goals.

All of those factors are the way and method to make a new product the can change the market and use it as stronger tools to get more customer according to your business.

To sum up with our education topic, for example if of the city build a new university and develop the level of the education to make the people more skillful and get more expert so this is can be used as a product development, or using new tools of education by building a online systems, through this way the education and technology and be integrated together.

📷3- Vertical integration strategy

The contemporary human resource management strategy must take into account a conflict between the general strategy of the organization and human resources strategy does not happen, as both seek to achieve the objectives underlined.

Also do not forget that the general strategy seeks to make decisions and paths that ensure dealing with the changes and shifts and directional growth and development in order to achieve goals, and that is the existence of integration between the two strategies is the basic logic upon which the contemporary human resources strategic management, so we can monitor at least alternative strategies for resources human when there is a difference between the two strategies in order to achieve balance.

The idea why I discussing the human resource and our topic about the education the idea is most of department of any firm must be integrated together so, we put a strategy it must be under all the departments of the firm, if we car talking about the city of aspects of development must be considered a an important part of the strategy. However what is a vertical integration strategy?

This integration occurs when there are two companies in the same industry Uphold, but at different phases of the production / supply, addition may be achieved from the merger or control of one over the other.

There are three main part one of is forward integration if we car comparing Dubai with New York under education we must know that if the education in of them control the amount of the student or the education system.

The last point, which is the balanced integration, which means consider department that can help the university to get a more service of this department or could be a small company

For example under education, some of the universities they buy a new paper and or could be chairs for the use of the student than can help the organization to achieve more profit. Some of the universities they follow this step in Dubai and USA.

To sum up with forward integration, which is about how to increase the economics of scale and the market share, as we are taking about the education so the Dubai has many factors to play with them to get benefit of this point, for the backward integration When the same industrial business starts making middle goods for itself or takes over its preceding suppliers, it follows backward integration strategy.

To conclude with the Vertical integration strategy, there are three main point forward strategy, backward strategy and the balance between them, its city has its own vision and mission.

Data analysis strategy

📷Using the TOWS Matrix

This analysis is a list of factors that have been classified according to their size or importance as a citizen of the strength or weakness, opportunities and risks it is important to get everyone involved in the development of this regulation and classification

Matrix's strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and risks in order of importance and according included five according to the importance and size. As it gives the point where a large size or importance to Low big five degrees less and so that we get to one degree.

Is in this step is to determine the enterprise strategies and links strategy in the light of internal capabilities and its environment Foreign findings suggest strategic change to be on the institution to do, Development of a strategy to turn weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities and shrinking weaknesses strategies or avoid risks It cannot be converted into opportunities.

Here you'll find yourself in front of a four boxes:

- Strength that fit with the external opportunities box.

- Internal weaknesses opportunities related to external box.

- Strength related to external threats box.

- Internal weaknesses relating to foreign threats square

Strengths and Opportunities (SO) – however are you able to use your strengths to require advantage of the opportunities?

According to the education in USA, it may can be under the SO because the USA is very strong country and there are many advances there so there are more opportunities for the student.

Strengths and Threats (ST) – however are you able to benefit of your strengths to avoid real and potential threats?

Riyadh city can be under the (ST) they have a strong features to get in a good level to the market but it’s have threats at the same time. Most of the others cities that many work against its process, this is where become as threats

Weaknesses and Opportunities (WO) – however are you able to use your opportunities to beat the weaknesses you are experiencing?

Therefore, the education in UAE it can be followed WO be case the Dubai for example there are many universities but are weak but there are many of the opportunities for it.

Weaknesses and Threats (WT) – however are you able to minimize your weaknesses and avoid threats?

This is the more difficult because it’s impossible to reduce the threats and minimize the weaknesses.

📷BCG matrix analysis

The product portfolio has achieved remarkable success in the development of strategies for multiple products to be handled by institutions, especially with regard to achieving the mix of commodity, so is the success reached by these institutions as a good acceptance of this model that gained fame through the use of which has been designed by the Boston group Advisory, since this form regard to investments, it can be called a model analysis of the rate of growth and market share of the product and is linked to three aspects of a President

1. Product Lifecycle

2. Cash Flows

3. The market share / return on investment

1- (question marks) Usually characterized by products that fall into this box as having low market share, which means that its competitive position is weak, but the high rate of growth and the orientations of institutions unknown and on this, they should intensify investment in such products as forecast may indicate that sales may increase this is reason enough to make the Foundation gives an opportunity for change to make these products to become superstars in the future, but the contrast could not be achieved this ambition and become a worrying situation box, and thus the nature of the institution directed characterized removal, and so you could say that the question mark represents the first stage or usually called stage to provide item in the product life cycle curve. If we link this for the education services so what is the city of the three cities that we are making a analysis about them belong to this part Riyadh belong to this part because it’s have a small level of marketing and they have a big production level of providing the education services.

2- (stars) Are commonly prescribed products in this box as the same growth rate and market share highs, it has a strong competitive position and thus have the potential to achieve high profits, which calls take priority funding and advertising, and for this they need funds to finance rapid growth, on the contrary, they You could fall to become a concern in the status box, usually called this stage in the growth phase of the product life cycle. Dubai can be under this part of the strategy because the have a more opportunities to be more opening to the global market in the features

3- (Cows) The high market products, that market share is high but its growth rate in the market is weak, and therefore, these products generate cash flows, it is more lucrative than you need in production and marketing, and on this, the cash flows must be used to create a highly profitable opportunities areas (star, question marks) must therefore be designed strategies able to maintain market share, and this box represents a stage of maturity in the product life cycle curve, New York is belonging to this measure of the strategy because they have a more opportunity in the market and just they get profit from the education system that they have it.

4-(Dog) What products are located in the left side of the matrix which consume a few investments and at the same time they bring cash and a low-flow, and this requires action delisting process on most products within this box, and you in return may not be removed all products within this essential box as if there are strategies that can be employed to achieve profits in the short term as the organization begins by seeking to reduce marketing expenses and limiting the sale of products to consumers with higher loyalty and they have a desire to buy those products without the need to be announced as they can be removed in the long term, and represents this box deterioration stage in the product life cycle curve.

Competitor's analysis (summary of the 6 tools)

In our project, we went through many point of analysis, which covered the cities of the world those are Dubai, New York, Riyadh. The project covered the education aspect, which is considered as a important part of the community and the life of the human being.

However, we used six fundamental tools for making a analysis for find out the result in different aspect of the education in different three global, in the first tools we used the five forces model to making a analysis Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Competitive Rivalry, Threat of Substitution, Threat of New Entry. Each city used a different part of this strategy for example Dubai will seek to get more suppliers because they have a open market to invest for everyone.

Then we moved to the second tool analysis, which is the Competitive profit matrix here we discussed the different factors of different cities under different categories. However, the New York have the highest score under the Wight that we used.

The third tool was about incentive strategy which is consists of backward and forward and balance integration analysis however Dubai can get more in depth in this strategy in a specific way it can go to forward integration under the education part.

The fourth tools was TOWS Matrix however, SWOT and TOWS use the same issues for examination, and the terms are occasionally used interchangeably without respect to the order that strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities are inspected.

We show as example According to the education in USA, it may can be under the SO because the USA is very strong country and there are many advances there so there are more opportunities for the student.

The last tool was BCG matrix analysis, which is consist of four different categories Dogs: These are products with low growth, Question marks Products in high growth markets with low market share. Stars: Products in high growth markets with high market share. This is the example of the analysis that we have do it , education services so what is the city of the three cities that we are making a analysis about them belong to this part Riyadh belong to this part because it’s have a small level of marketing and they have a big production level of providing the education services.

To sum up with the all of the six tools, the topic that we are discuss in our project which is about education is consider as services so , we found that there are different level of the education services in the different three cities


We concluded that there are many differences between the education in Dubai and New York, and Riyadh

That can because many factors, as example of those factors the study in a foreign country gives you an advantage (tourist’s resident)! Instead of being mean certain countries for tourism short and then go back to your home country, you stay in this country and study it gives you two chances by many: study in distinctive universities, and spend a pleasant and happy to explore this country time.

We recommending the following point to Dubai under the education services:

1- Dubai right now in a very important city which can be one of the most important cities around the world if it can increase more the investment under the education aspect by more support of the investors.

2- Dubai must integrate all the power that it has under many government or agonies building to improve the level of the education and its reputation more and more.

3- Dubai can be one of the most powerful city in the Arab gulf area if it can get more people and attract them by provides more service especially under the education part.

4- The main important part is how Dubai can go powerful strategy to get more power over its competitors; this is can be by more clear vision and mission of the all-purpose for the education purposes.

One of the most powerful factor is the long –term planning and used the right strategy in order to won with less of the effort , Dubai must use the new competitive advantage that will help it to won easily and quickly.

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